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Consume Natural Honey GYMborno Natural Sundarban Honey is One of Nature’s Great Treasures. The Term Natural Implies That The Honey You’re Buying Doesn’t Include Any Added Colour, Artificial Flavour, or Synthetic Substance, But it is Probably Processed.

Sundarbans and Honey Maulis (Honey Collectors), Often Risk Their Lives in The Peak Season to Collect Honey, Armed With Nothing But a Prayer to Bon Bibi (The Forest Goddess). Honey Collection Starts From March to May and During This Season, Maulis Obtain Permits / Pass From The Forest Department for Honey Collection and Proceed in a Boat to Enter Into The Sundarbans in Small Groups.

Support The Sundarbans is The Largest Mangrove Forest in The World. The Sundarban Forest Covers Approximately 10,000 Square KM of Which About 4,000 Square KM is in INDIA. This Forest is in The Districts of North and South 24 Parganas. People From The Villages of Sunderbans Have Been Venturing Into The Dense Mangrove Forest Inhabited by The Royal Bengal TIGER to Collect The Sweetest Produce of The Forest, GYMborno Honey…..